5 Best 4X8 Grow Tents

You might be a dedicated, passionate gardener who wants nothing but to tend to your personal garden all-year round. Unfortunately, you might have trouble doing so, just because your work or personal matters keep coming up, which otherwise force you to not be home so often, whether in terms of traveling or work business.

That said, you cannot really afford to keep a stationary garden at home, just because you will not have the time to tend to it! Indeed, it can be a tricky business.

However, all is not lost. What you can do is that, instead of planting a garden at home, you can do so in a grow tent.

Just like with a grow box, these type of growing kits are super useful in that they can be installed quite easily, as well as contain plenty of items such as grow lights, fans, and temperature control to mimic what environment you have back at home, all the while not being at home, too!

Most importantly, it is easy to carry, being that it is portable, so you can pack it up and take it all over the world, if possible.

As a standard rule, a 4-by-8 foot grow tent might be the best option for you. Not too big and not too small, this offers just the right size to get you on the right path to growing the best plants out there, while being in perpetual transit.

Soon enough, you can grow whatever you want, whether domestically or abroad. We are here in this article to give you tips on how to find the best 4X8 grow tent, so let’s get started!

Let us get to the list!

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I. Things To Consider Before Buying A Grow Tent

First things first, you will need to look at the benefits to buying a grow tent, especially when your plants and crops are just that important to you. Here, we give you some information on the plus side to using it, in lieu of stationary ones when out on vacation or work:

1. Items that can be grown

Believe it or not, you can use grow tents to produce just about any type of plants, crops, and flowers, without any limits to them! You can find some of them listed below:

a. Vegetables: peppers

b. Fruits: watermelon, tomatoes

c. Other: marijuana

2. Special features

Besides being useful to carry around with you wherever you go, there are more aspects you might like for using grow tents for gardening while away. We list some of them here:

a. Temporary versus semi-permanent

This point bears reiterating time and time again: what great way to keep on growing plants if you can also take them with you.

A temporary grow tent refers to one that can be used just a few times before you can dispose of it while a semi-permanent is sure to last a longer time. You can still reap the benefits even when you go out and travel.

b. It creates and traps heat

While for some plants, it might not be the best case to have a warm climate. Typically speaking, though, most plants and crops thrive in warm temperatures, so you might want to have a mini-climate to grow them.

Grow tents do so by producing a contained environment that ultimately traps heat and allows the plants, crops, and flowers to flourish. They can also be longer-lasting in comparison to outdoor climates, since inside temperatures remain consistent in the long run.

c. Alternative to greenhouses

You might see grow tents as being quite similar to greenhouses, albeit smaller and less-costly. Plus, they are portable, which can be a better alternative to landscaping projects, also even developing its own charm and style for you to admire at.

3. How to grow items from a grow tent

While not too different from doing so outdoors, growing plants, crops, and flowers inside a tent can have some specificities that you might want to pay attention to when doing so. Here are just a few tips to give you some support for the growing experience:

a. Location

Although everything takes place inside of a tent, you will also need to consider your plants having enough access to water and light, so location does play a factor in the process. As a rule of thumb, placing it close to a water source (e.g. hose) and a power circuit is the way to go.

At the same time, keep it accessible so that you do not need to weave your way through space to tend to your plants, as well as place it over textured, unsmooth floors, so that in the case of a water spillage, it is easier to contain and clean up afterwards.

b. Quality of tent

For some more ideas on choosing the right grow tent, check out this video:

You are not obligated to purchase the grow tent before trying it out; if necessary, ask the store if you could possibly do so to see if it is worth the price.

Check to see how the tent holds up well when you set it up, whether it can stand up against rain, wind, and other storms if established outdoors. If anything, you can also return it within a few days to receive your money back.

The front zipper will make a difference on efficiency and convenient: check to see that it zips up smoothly, without snagging. Cheap tents might not be of good quality, so perhaps spending just a bit more on a more-durable one can make all the difference.

c. Venting and lighting

To allow good air circulation to happen inside the tent, you will need to have good venting to keep the plants breathing. Lights will make it useful, too, for they generate heat into the system.

d. Meters and hangers

While not a necessity, meters and hangers are solid accessories to consider getting, considering that temperature and humidity can fluctuate even when inside of a tent.

Having thermometer and humidity meters are the way to go to check for these fluctuations, so that you can keep tabs on and react to the changes quickly. Hangers, on the other hand, make for an organized space, especially for smaller tents like 4-by-8s.

e. Space

It is a fact that your garden will take a huge part of the tent, so having a toolshed can help support the grow tent.

II. Top Five Best 4X8 Grow Tents


1. iPower GLTENTXL1 Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent

Via Amazon.com

With easy entry access and a lightproof feature, iPower’s hydroponic grow tent offers protection against leaks, all the while being waterproof in nature. It consists of a sturdy frame that can contain up to 90 pounds of items, which makes for quite a hefty tent!


  • Easy to access the entryway for convenience and time-saving matters.
  • Offers protection from leaks, and it is waterproof.
  • Has a sturdy frame that can hold up to 90 pounds of items.


  • Difficult to support lights and hangers inside the tent.


iPower’s hydroponic grow tent was simple for me to zip up and get straight to gardening. So far, it has been good protecting the plants and flowers from leaks, and I found it very sturdy holding my crops.

Only problem is that it is difficult to keep the lights and hangers on inside of it.


2. Apollo Horticulture 96”x48”x80” Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent

Via Amazon.com

High quality and highly-reflective, Apollo Horticulture’s hydroponic grow tent is sure to bring you a sturdy and a 100-percent lightproof feel to your tent, so that the lights can be adjusted to warmth and intensity to personalize your growing process.

It is easy to assemble: within a matter of minutes, you can get it up in no time!


  • High quality and highly-reflective for a consistently-good product.
  • 100-percent lightproof for adjusting lights to the warmth and intensity you need.
  • Easy to assemble within minutes.


  • Zipper does not hold up very longer, requiring a replacement.


Apollo Horticulture’s hydroponic grow tent was a good investment for me in that it came with a 100-percent lightproof feature that allowed me to adjust the lights in terms of warmth and intensity, especially when I had different plants and crops to work with.

I got it up and assembled within a few minutes and set off to work. The zipper, however, stopped working after a few uses, which was a bit frustrating, but otherwise a minor problem.


3. VIVOSUN 48"x48"x80" Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent

Via Amazon.com

Vivosun’s hydroponic grow tent offers a lightproof feature that blocks out all light from coming in and escaping.

It also comes with a 95-percent reflective mylar lining for an efficiency boost to light up power configurations. Its extra-thick tent canvas is a plus, too, for it is unable to be bent, slashed, or otherwise damaged, even through the worst of circumstances.


  • Blocks out all light with its lightproof feature.
  • 95-percent reflective mylar lining.
  • Has an extra-thick canvas tent for durability.


  • Not all parts might come necessarily.


I thought that Vivosun’s hydroponic grow tent was pretty good, in terms of its thick canvas for durability. The fact that it blocked out much of the light outside was a huge plus, too.

Granted, I had trouble assembling it, since it did not come with all of its parts, but later I received more parts and all was good.


4. Hydroplanet™ 36x36x72 Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent

Via Amazon.com

Hydroplanet’s mylar hydroponic grow tent is easy and quick to assemble, while also having heavy-duty tubes to let you hang heavy-duty objects in a win-win situation.

It is 100-percent reflective, as well as tearproof so that the grow tent can last you a long time for the pleasure of promoting your garden to the best that it can be.


  • Easy and quick to assemble.
  • Has heavy-duty tubes for hanging heavy-duty objects.
  • Is tearproof for durability purposes.


  • A bit bulkier than usual, which does not bode well for portability.


Hydroplanet’s mylar hydroponic grow tent was, as I found, quite simple and fast to assemble. I also liked how the structure was so sturdy, especially with its heavy-duty tubes to hang any heavy objects that I gave it.

Accidentally scraped it a couple of times, but still is holding up without a problem. True, it is rather heavier than normal, but not a bad investment.


5. Hydrobay 48"x96"x80" Mylar Grow Tent

Via Amazon.com

Made from heavy 600D material, Hydrobay’s mylar grow tent can give you a successful, tearproof grow tent that can last you ages.

Claiming to be “light tight,” it comes with mylar inner zipper flaps instead of non-reflective material, so that you can be sure that light does not penetrate into the tent from the outside. After all, it is worth a shot!


  • Made from heavy 600D material for a tearproof experience.
  • “Light tight” to prevent light from entering into and escaping from the grow tent.
  • Has mylar inner zipper flaps rather than non-reflective material.


  • Might have some pinholes which allow light to escape.


Hydrobay’s mylar grow tent is quite sturdy in its 600D material, so that it is not tearproof, or less likely to be so.

I liked the mylar inner zipper flaps instead of the traditional non-reflective material when it came to letting light in and letting it to escape: I felt I had more control over that aspect.

However, I did unfortunately detect some pinholes that have inadvertently allowed light to go out, which I did not appreciate, but that is the way it is.

III. Winner of The Roundup

1. iPower GLTENTXL1 Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent

Via Amazon.com

All in all, the winner of this roundup would have to go to iPower GLTENTXL1 Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent (#1).

What makes this grow tent a cut above from the others was not only its super easy accessibility to enter, but also its ability to prevent light from coming in while containing the light already inside of it.

The waterproof option in case of leaks was a plus, too. It is worth the investment, should you decide to get it.

Happy gardening!

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