Hello, happy people!

Let me introduce myself: my name is Daisy Taylor and I am a stay-at-home mom who has been gardening for over a decade. After the birth of my third child back in 2006, I decided that besides spending time with my children, I would try my hand at gardening! With a few helpful gardening books and recorded HGTV specials, I began to garden…and since then I haven’t stop!

After many years of gardening at home, I have decided to share my passion with the world by starting this blog, The One Sunflower. In this blog, I hope to give advice on all matters related to home gardening, from growing the best, freshest crops to troubleshooting issues with weeds and other infested bugs in the garden.

Besides those listed aspects, you can also expect these topics on my blog:

  • How to prevent/get rid of plant diseases from infesting your garden.
  • Tips and tricks for perfecting your backyard landscape.
  • How to find and use good garden tools for pruning, trimming, and designing.
  • …and so much more!

So welcome to my blog, and I hope you enjoy.

Happy gardening!