5 Artificial Bonsai Trees To Have At Home

When it comes to decorating and otherwise sprucing up your home, you might consider a few options such as succulent plants, easy-care flowers, and everything in between.

Not all plants require to be planted outside, but rather they can be placed indoors for maximum benefits as an aesthetically-pleasing sight to see.

That said, perhaps you might want to consider bonsai trees, especially artificial ones. They are small and easy to carry around, so you can move them from place to place wherever and whenever you want. Not only that, but also they are relatively easy to take care of, as long as you know what you are doing.

You might be wondering, then, just what are the best artificial bonsai trees to have at home? With the large variety of them out there, you might be unsure of which ones to select.

However, do not despair, because we are here to help! Read on to learn more in this article about how to go about choosing them, as well as get our top suggestions to consider for your next purchase. Soon enough, you will have a lovely, decorated place to call home.

Let us get to the list!

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I. Things To Consider Before Purchasing An Artificial Bonsai Tree

First things first, you will need to consider just a few factors when it comes to purchasing an artificial bonsai tree for your home.

Granted, you will need to take careful consideration into all of these, and while it can be meticulous and time-consuming, we guarantee that you will be ready to get started planting and growing them in no time.

With that said, here are the factors:

1. Gardening level

Depending on whether you are a beginner to gardening or semi-professional, it is a good idea to first know yourself and your gardening abilities before choosing an artificial bonsai tree for you.

For instance, you would not be choosing a Japanese maple to start out with if you are an absolute beginner.

That said, it is important to figure out your gardening level first before diving in and choosing a good bonsai tree to plant and cultivate in the long term. By doing so, you can ensure yourself that you will not be frustrated at the task, and even learn to enjoy it in the long run.

2. Location

Since bonsai trees thrive in sunlight, it is imperative that you consider just where you would like yours located. Even if it is an artificial plant, your bonsai tree needs to have a certain amount of good care in order to keep it looking fresh and healthy.

That said, here are a few things you will need to consider for location:

a. Indoor

These certain types of bonsai trees are good for inside of the house, since they need just an adequate amount of sunlight, along with some shade, in order to grow well and plentiful.

Indoor bonsai trees, in general, just need indirect light or artificial one to mature, so that is all there is to it for that!


b. Outdoor

On the other hand, the outdoor bonsai tree is incredibly beneficial if you are looking for something to spruce up your curb or lawn appeal.

Although on the small side, outdoor bonsai trees are not a bad idea to have to make the area look just a bit more brighter. Why not give it a try then?


c. Both

You might be surprised to discover that some artificial bonsai trees can be placed both indoors and outdoors.

These particular ones are distinctive for their hardiness, along with being pretty easy to plant and cultivate for your pleasure. Getting the best of both worlds with the indoor-and-outdoor bonsai tree is worth the time!

Besides considering the bonsai tree’s adaptability, you will also need to look into lighting, as well as the weather conditions in your environment. It is important to place your bonsai plant near a place with excellent lighting, since it thrives on it- hence, a windowsill or beside your front porch are not bad places to consider.

As for weather conditions, if you tend to live in a relatively cold and dark environment (think Pacific Northwest), then it is a good idea to invest in artificial light or a grow tent to stimulate warmth into the place. After all, you will need hot and bright conditions to successfully grow your bonsai tree!

3. Type of artificial bonsai

Now, there are a huge variety of different types of artificial bonsai out there, so many that it can be difficult to narrow them down. However, by knowing which ones you prefer and which ones are attuned to your house’s conditions, it should be smooth-sailing from there.

We provide you some good ones to consider:

a. Japanese Maple

Considered to be one of the more known bonsai trees, the Japanese maple is famous for its smatterings of different hues and way of growing. They are also very hardy, able to withstand both cold and hot temperatures as means of blooming fully and healthily.

b. Boxwood

Perfect for beginners to try out, the boxwood is a solid bonsai tree that does not require too much work in order for it to grow well. In other words, it just needs a bit of sun along with shade, so you can put it near a windowsill to help it cultivate.

Via Amazon.com

c. Chinese elm

Elegant and aesthetically-pleasing, this bonsai tree native to China is great for styling up into any manner you desire, for it is fairly hardy to excessive amounts of pruning.

It is also tolerant of both high and low temperatures, although keeping it away from extreme conditions is the best way to go about it. You should also avoid putting it near cold drafts to keep its core temperature stable and thriving.

II. Top 5 Best Artificial Bonsai Trees


1. Artificial Japanese Cedar Bonsai Tree 9 inch tall

Via Amazon.com

Artfully trimmed and beautifully designed, this artifical Japanese cedar bonsai tree from T-Trove is sure to give you a wonderful experience in gardening.

Its natural-looking trunk and exposed roots gives it that rugged, verdant glow and it is bound to be a good gift for your family and friends to put inside of their home (or yours!).


  • Is already trimmed in an artful manner for your pleasure.
  • Has a natural-looking trunk and exposed roots for a rugged look.
  • Perfect for family and friends to show off.


  • Too much plastic to make it look natural.


After purchasing T-Trove’s artificial Japanese cedar bonsai tree, I set about putting it in my home.

It is looking good so far, and I really like how natural and rugged it looks, just like a real one! However, it can look a bit too artificial and plastic-like for some people’s liking.


2. Artificial Japanese Zen Bonsai Tree Home Planet with Pot. Perfect for a Desk, Table, Office, Home Or Shelf Decoration

Via Amazon.com

High-quality and artistically done, Party Tonight’s artificial Japanese Zen bonsai tree is a handsome one to consider having inside of your home. It is also placed in a white bowl, which is quite attractive to look at, too.

Everything is all handmade and you can be sure that you will have an authentic, pretty bonsai tree to call your own.


  • Is high quality and artistically done.
  • Is placed in an attractive, simple white bowl for aesthetics.
  • Everything is made by hand for authenticity.


  • Leaves fall apart easily.


I purchased and received Party Tonight’s artificial bonsai tree within a few days and once receiving it, I set about putting it near the windowsill to cultivate it.

So far, it has yielded beautiful leaves and branches, of which I have pruned and style a bit for aesthetic purposes. I also really liked the white bowl, which is impressively handmade.

My only gripe is that the leaves tend to fall off easily, which is strange considering that it is supposed to be artifically made.


3. Bonsai Boy's Monterey - Single Trunk-Preserved Bonsai Tree Preserved

Via Amazon.com

Bonsai Boy’s bonsai tree is not only perfect for adults to plant and cultivate, but also for children, thereby making this bonsai tree suitable for people of all ages to use.

It consists of a nice bloom of lush, green leaves, along with fresh vegetation for that extra pop you need to make it thrive at home. Finally, it is up to eight or ten inches, which is not a bad size to have in the comforts of your house.


  • Suitable for all ages to plant and cultivate.
  • Consists of lush green leaves and great vegetation.
  • Is up to eight or ten inches for a reasonable size.


  • Might not be properly manufactured.


I found Bonsai Boy’s bonsai tree to be rather nice; I enjoyed how it was easy to grow- even a child could do this! When in full bloom, the green leaves and vegetation made for a lovely sight, which I greatly appreciated.

My bonsai actually reached up to 8 inches, which was small, but manageable. The only thing I wish was that it had been made a bit better, for I saw flaws in design upon closer inspection.


4. 18" Decorative Artificial Japanese Bonsai Tree in Distressed Box

Via Amazon.com

This artificial Japanese bonsai tree also has that lovely, bright-green color and pleasant texture to it, as means of making sure that your experience with planting and cultivating it are worth the time and effort.

Besides that, it has a low profile to accentuate the definition of the bonsai plant, so that it can be great for show inside your home for your family and friends to see.


  • Has a lovely, bright-green color and pleasant texture to it.
  • Has a low profile to accentuate the definition of the bonsai tree.
  • Good replication of a real bonsai tree.


  • Material quality can be a bit cheap.


I really liked this artificial Japanese bonsai tree, since it allowed for more definition to be carried out.

The colors were bright and popping, which were nice, too. Only thing was that the material felt a bit cheap, so the durability of the bonsai tree is questionable.


5. Nearly Natural 4764 Cherry Blossom Bonsai Artificial Tree, Pink

Via Amazon.com

This product from Nearly Natural is certainly a good deal if you are interested in having something a bit different from your typical green bonsai tree.

Besides that, it comes with varied pastel colors, along with an elegance and tranquility that is sure to be admired by everyone. Finally, it also can be easily trained into shapes for the design that you want.


  • Comes as a unique cherry blossom bonsai artificial tree.
  • Comes in varied pastel colors, as well as elegance and tranquility.
  • Can be easily trained into shapes for your personal design.


  • Might not grow to the maximum height you want for it.


I was happy to have received a cherry blossom artificial bonsai tree in the package. I appreciated its varied pastel colors, along with its elegance and tranquility, and I have styled it without a problem.

My only issue is that mine grew barely four inches, which was a slight disappointment from the efforts I had made.

III. Winner of the Roundup

5. Nearly Natural 4764 Cherry Blossom Bonsai Artificial Tree, Pink

Overall, the winner of this roundup goes to Nearly Natural 4764 Cherry Blossom Bonsai Artificial Tree, Pink (#5).

While small, the product nevertheless comes with an excellent and distinctive appearance, as well as a trunk which lets you experiment with growing bonsai trees. It is great for the home, should you decide to go for it!

Happy gardening!

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